Passing the Mic: Major Minor to Provide Music Workshops for Calgary's Youth

When it comes to the all ages music scene here in Calgary the Major Minor Music Project can be found on the front lines fighting tooth and nail to provide spaces for youth to experience live, local music. Not only does Major Minor provide access to local music at fun, unique venues for all ages, but they also encourage youth to get involved with their local music scene. Graham Mackenzie, the driving force behind Major Minor, has consistently come up with new and exciting ways to get today's youth involved with their communities. The latest arm of the project sees Major Minor pairing up with Edward Que (Lyrique) and Chris Naish to teach a series of workshops to empower youth who may be interested in music. 

"Music is a big part of me," says local hip-hop artist Lyrique, "It's a huge outlet for everything. I just want to share that with the kids. I want them to see how powerful music can be, how powerful hip-hop can be."

The workshops will be held at the Cornerstone Youth Centre every Thursday night beginning on Nov. 16 and ending on Nov. 30. The workshops will cover subject matter such as freestyle rhyming, writing and producing hip-hop, graphic design, as well as how to put together and run a show. The last class on Nov. 30 will feature a performance by one of the workshops teachers Lyrique.

"I want to impart on these kids that it doesn't matter if the words don't rhyme or the bar lines don't add up, what matters is that you created something and that it made you feel a certain way. Your words don't have to rhyme but at least you are getting your story out and you are speaking from the heart." Says Lyrique

The workshops promise to be a fun time and a valuable resource for any kid who may be interested in music or getting involved with the local music scene.

You can listen to my full conversation with Lyrique about his involvement with the Major Minor Music Projects workshop initiative through the link below